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Super Record Disc Brake

Super Record 12x2 Speed Disc Brake
Super Record Disc Brake

The new Super Record™ 12x2 Speed Disc Brake groupset is Campagnolo's highest expression of technology and evolution. It is geared towards riders who want to equip their bicycle with the best the market offers in terms of performance and distinctiveness.

The need to improve what is already considered the benchmark means every single detail, even the most basic, is attended to.

The new Super Record™ 12x2 Speed Disc Brake groupset is presented on the market with an innovative rear derailleur designed with 3D Embrace technology that enables the chain to maintain the highest level of traction, even on the smallest sprockets. The new front derailleur with its double connector rod system enhances the use of the 24 speeds and takes full advantage of each combination of metric development. It always finds the ideal ratio for every incline.

The new Ergopower controls are even more ergonomic due to the unique shape of the levers that allows for even better operation. The new crankset with the two-by-two coupling of the arms, is a step forward in stiffness, whilst keeping constant the technologies and advantages characteristic of Super Record.

The new sprocket packs contain an extra sprocket and highlight the incredibly technological processing of the larger sprockets enclosed in the two triplet single-piece monolith units. The new 5.2 mm chain maintains the high Campagnolo standards, enhancing the derailings of the new Super Record drivetrain through the alignment of the pins on the external links.

Last but not least, the Disc Brake technology developed by Campagnolo for the 2018 product range ensures that the Super Record groupset has the greatest braking force and modulability possible.

Super Record Disc Brake Ergopower controls
Super Record Disc Brake Ergopower controls
Features & Benefits
  • Comfortable support
  • Quick shifting
  • Multiple shifting
  • Ergonomics
Super Record Rear Derailleur
Super Record Rear Derailleur
Features & Benefits
  • Optimised spring return
  • 12-tooth jockey wheel on the rocker arm
  • Adjustment of the initial rear derailleur position
  • Trajectory optimisation
  • Removable pivot on the upper body
Super Record Front Derailleur
Super Record Front Derailleur
Features & Benefits
  • Built of forged aluminium and unidirectional carbon fibre with titanium stop screws
  • The upper connector rod is not connected to the external one
  • Fork designed to improve maximum chain crossover
  • Ideal for wider hoods
  • Optimised design of the inner fork
  • Two fixing points for the cable
  • Position optimised for all chainrings
Super Record 12x2 Speed crankset
Super Record 12x2 Speed crankset
Features & Benefits
  • New design, same dimensions
  • The right hand crank arms are coupled two by two in the zones subject to greater force applied by the cyclist
  • Unchanged Q Factor (145.5)
  • Unidirectional carbon fibre hand cranks, titanium axle and aluminium chainrings
  • Symmetrical inner chainring teeth
  • Optimised design for every chainring combination
  • Double wheel sizing standards
  • Superficial treatment of the chainrings for a longer lifespan
Super Record 12 Speed sprockets
Super Record 12 Speed sprockets
Features & Benefits
  • Compatibility
  • Reduced spaces
  • Same spacers
  • Larger triplets in a single block
Super Record 12 Speed chain
Super Record 12 Speed chain
Features & Benefits
  • Width 5.15 mm
  • Pins aligned to the outer surface
  • Unsurpassed wear resistance
  • Optimized design
Caliper Campagnolo
Caliper Campagnolo
Features & Benefits
  • Standard Flat Mount
  • 22 mm pistons in phenolic resin
  • Magnetic piston-calliper connector
  • Interchangeable spare parts
  • Wear indicator
Campagnolo Rotor 03
Campagnolo Rotor 03
Features & Benefits
  • 140 and 160 mm diameter options
  • Rounded corners
  • Heat resistant
  • The rivets are positioned far away from the calliper
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