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Granfondo Campagnolo Roma

2 October 2014
Events Campagnolo Granfondo Campagnolo Roma
On October 12th Campagnolo is waiting for you at another edition of the now world-famous GRANFONDO CAMPAGNOLO ROMA

The GRANFONDO CAMPAGNOLO ROMA, along with the hugely successful GRAN FONDO CAMPAGNOLO NEW YORK and GRANFONDO CAMPAGNOLO SAN DIEGO give cyclists the world over the opportunity to experience not only once in a lifetime cycling events, but also the opportunity to do so in several of the most iconic cities in the world. 

Campagnolo, who has been at the center of the cycling world throughout history, seeks to build a stronger relationship with passionate cycling enthusiasts across the globe and in doing so seeks to connect with them in several of the most iconic and breathtaking settings in the world. That being stated, Campagnolo finds no more appropriate setting than Rome to communicate not only the Italian heritage of the cycling company but also its history.  

Being the historic epicenter of the globe, Rome is a fitting scenario for an event that bears the name of the prestigious cycling company that has played such a pivotal role in the evolution of the sport through history. Only a city like Rome would be capable of transmitting the passion, history and Italian authenticity that Campagnolo hopes to communicate to cyclists across the globe. 

The GRANFONDO CAMPAGNOLO ROMA is an opportunity to link the historic qualities of such a fantastic city with the most historic of all cycling component manufacturers. However, the event is not only a unique opportunity for the rich cultural and historic connotations it possesses but rather also for the modern components of performance, competition and innovation that can be found throughout the several days of activity in the Italian capital.

Thousands of passionate cyclists flock to Rome for the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma not only to take in a beautiful historic setting but also to test their mettle against a group of competitors eager to show the condition they have been working all season long to perfect. These athletes represent the soul of Campagnolo and the cycling company from Vicenza is proud to state that it shares their very same passion. Campagnolo, passionate about cycling and even more passionate about improving the cycling experience through innovative solutions, is happy to offer the cyclists fortunate enough to participate in the Granfondo the opportunity to see first-hand the fantastic products that have only recently been shown to the public. It is a great opportunity to see, albeit with the most historic of historic backdrops, the most technologically advanced mechanical groupset to date in person in addition to the highest evolution in performance wheelsetsSuper Record, Record and Chorus mechanical groupsets as well as the newest versions of the EPS electronic transmissions and the newest development of Campagnolo Bora performance wheels will be on display for all to see. 

A more fitting environment for the competitive cyclist would be difficult to imagine. The innovative and cutting edge componentry and wheelworks from a cycling institution on display, a competitive environment with few rivals, a cultural backdrop with no rivals and an Italian authenticity that leaves those from abroad amazed and those from Italy even more proud of their flag. Campagnolo is proud to be an integral part of such a celebration and wishes the best of luck to all those who choose to participate. 

See you in Rome on October 12th.
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